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What are some of the benefits of massage therapy?

Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy:
~  Physically relaxes the body
~  Relaxes stiff muscles
~  Calms the nervous system
~  Reduces tension headaches
~  Improves lymph circulation
~  Stretches connective tissue
~  Relieves muscle cramps & spasms
~  Improves posture
~  Reduces scarring
~  Improves Range of Motion
~  Promotes deeper breathing
~  Slows respiration
~  Lowers blood pressure
~  Improves recovery time for injuries
~  Reduces heart rate
~  Reduces swelling
Mental Benefits of Massage Therapy:
~  Promotes better sleep
~  Reduces mental stress
~  Improves concentration
Emotional Benefits of Massage Therapy:
~  Reduces anxiety
~  Improves self- image

I've never had a massage before. What Should I expect?

It's a good idea to not eat a heavy meal before your session.  You may also want to shower directly before the session if possible, not only out of courtesy to me, but also to start loosening up those tight muscles.

  You will be asked to fill out a client questionnaire form that will ask you for some health information, physical activity, allergies, medications and the purpose of today's visit.  

  Each session is in a private room where you will have time to change out of your clothing and get comfortable under the sheets on the table before I enter the room. There is a stereo set up with a variety of music for you.  Feel free to choose any that you would like to hear- or bring something from home that allows you to relax.  

  Normally, I start with you face up. I find beginning this way allows you to relax into the session.   .I'll put a bolster under your knees, check your shoulders and neck and bolster if needed.  Each body part will be undraped as it is worked on, and then redraped.  You should not feel exposed at any point.  If you do- PLEASE say something.

 When it comes time to turn over, I will take the bolstering out, and ask you to flip over.  The sheet will be anchored down so when you turn, you will not be exposed. 

  Remember that this is YOUR session.  If you would prefer I use more or less pressure, or spend more or less time in a particular area,  feel free to say so.  

  It is not unusual to feel light headed after a session due to the lowering of blood pressure.  Be sure to get up slowly and take your time.

Should I leave underwear on?

I'll tell you what I tell everyone when they come in:  Leave it on, or take it off.  It's completely up to you and your comfort level.  If you take it off, it is much easier for me to get to your hips to work.  Leaving underwear on is considered a boundary of your comfort level and is viewed as a boundary by the therapist.  Which means I will not go further than the elastic band, and will forgo work to the low back and hips.Having said that, if you let me know that you would like to leave it on, but it is ok to "shimmy it down" (or up, in the case of boxer briefs) so that I can work on more of your back (or leg) - that will work as well, but it will still interfere with hip work as well as the overall flow of the session.If you would like to know my personal recommendation- go ahead and take them off.  Your body is always covered with the exception of the body part being worked.  Even when the glutes are undraped, you will not feel exposed.  The area will be cautiously undraped, the area will be worked, and then it will be redraped again. 

I've gotten massages throughout the world, and the U.S. is the only place that uses draping so heavily. Do I have to be draped?

... yes ....


Frankly, there are just some things I would rather not see.


If your issue is that you get overheated during a massage, or the sheet interferes with the flow of the session- I can completely relate and I can offer you a smaller drape in the form of a towel. 

My arms! what do I do with my arms?

Up, down, across your chest, tucked under your tushie, or playing the canastas.. Whatever is the most comfortable for you, is fine with me.  I'll wind up moving them around periodically in order to get to certain muscles, or so I can get a better angle.  Please don't worry about being in my way.  I'm more concerned with waking you up.The same goes with your legs.  If you are more comfortable crossing your legs- please do so. I'll uncross them and direct them to where I need them when the time comes.(Brownie points if you actually come in wearing canastas)

I'm so embarrassed by my body....

Do you want to know what I think of your body?

I think you are beautiful.  Period.  End of story.


When you get onto the massage table, I'm looking at:~

Are your shoulders symmetrical? If not, is it an anatomical issue or are you crooked on the table?~

Is your face in the face cradle straight?  ~

Does your neck need adjusting?~

Do you need bolsters?~

Is one side of your back higher than the other?


I'm thinking about:

Is the room too cold/ too hot?

Is the music too loud/ soft?

Was that an "MMMM that feels great" or "UUUGH too deep"?

QL is tight- I wonder if he/she has a knee issue  

OOOOOOH! Goosebumps! excellent!

I hear snoring... YES!!!!!


As you can see-I have multiple things going through my head at any given time. The LAST thing I am doing, is criticizing your body.


Skip into the office (just watch your step)

Throw off your clothes (AFTER I leave the room PLEASE!)

Jump onto the table (BETWEEN THE SHEETS!!)

And prepare for a wonderful session

      snoring is not only OK- it's encouraged!

What is your cancellation policy?

If you miss or cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged a $50 cancellation/ no show fee

Weather related cancellations are a completely different situation.  If we have had a significant storm and you do not feel safe driving, chances are I don't either.  Cancellations are more than ok in that instance!  

Please keep in mind, a no show on a storm day will still be charged, so please call to cancel.


Groupons will be redeemed in the event of a no show or less than 24 hours notice.

Do you do reminder phone calls or Texts?


My booking system will automatically send you a confirmation text 4 days before your appointment and a reminder text the day before your appointment.  Please be sure to enter your cell phone number and not your land line during booking.

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